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Currently, you are in a sub-site dedicated to projects and solutions, which are included in the offer. The scope of marketing activities is individually adjusted to the expectations of each Client. This involves both the creation of strategies from scratch as well as the selection of appropriate tools and marketing solutions to the already existing communication (including guideline and CI). Projects are created depending on the target, i.e. in the following versions: electronic, interactive and print.


I offer support for:

  • creation of a marketing strategy objectives
  • BTL, ATL, PR
  • creation of POS materials
  • internal and external communication
  • websites + management + cms
  • projects of electronic advertising (static, animated)
  • projects of marking service outlets
  • projects related to products labelling
  • marketing projects in connection with IT solutions
  • comprehensive photographing
  • editing and retouching

When performing orders, it is also important to support in the form of the creation of the so-called substantive feed. It includes creation of content and keywords as well as the opportunity to submit competing valuations of production of the designed materials.


In the case of non-standard orders (not included above), please contact us directly to discuss the details and requirements to be met for your project.